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Shambala & Aboard the Seadragon


Plot Summary

  • Sanat explains that in the past, Shambala had taken Atlantis under its wing. The Shamabalan people wanted to teach the Atlanteans how to smelt gold, so that they too could create artifacts to benefit the life force of the earth.
  • However, the Atlanteans began smelting aggressive objects and instead of learning to levitate, created a gravity-defying device.
  • The Atlanteans soon developed this device into a weapon powered by gold. They wanted the gold in Shambala and threatened the people with this device. When Shambala resisted, Atlantis declared war and aimed the weapon at the city. However, it backfired and instead sank Atlantis.
  • Sanat accompanies Pearl, Iris and Vincent on the journey back to Atlantis to help save Edwin and destroy the gravity weapon.
  • During the voyage, a giant squid attacks the Seadragon. They are able to defeat it, and after the ordeal, Iris and Vincent get together.

Key Clues

  • Mining Drill (Zen Garden)
  • Golden Armor (Gold Mine)
  • Schematic for the Gravity Tuner (Shambala Fields)

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