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Somewhere in the Himalayas & Shambala


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Iris and Vincent go to the Himalayas in search of Shambala. They meet a man called Sanat Kumara who offers to take them there. They reach the city gates and find two riddles leading them to a prayer bell and a golden heart talisman. The sound vibration from the bell causes the gates to open.
  • They see that everything in the city is made of gold. Sanat explains how the gold serves to purify and vitalize earth. Pearl and co. suspect that Atlantis must have wanted Shambala’s gold to power their devices.
  • They go to a meditation hall and a library to seek out help. Sanat then reveals himself to be Shambalan, and that he kept his identity secret until he knew he could trust them. He says he’ll help them rescue Edwin.
  • They go to a smelting pit where the Shambalans purify their gold. Sanat show them the art of smelting and Pearl forges a shield that bears the Golden Mean emblem.

Key Clues

  • Prayer Bell (Shambala Gates)
  • Golden Heart (Shambala Gates)
  • Gold Shield (Smelting Pit)
  • Oil Painting of Sanat Kumara levitating and leading a meditation (Various)

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