Chapter 16


Atlantis & Madagascar


Plot Summary

  • Cyrus threatens only to restore Edwin if they do exactly as he says. He tells them to look for a solid gold power source for the gravity tuner – once stolen by pillagers who came by ship.
  • They find evidence of a vessel called ‘The Gypsea’, and decide to try and find the power source and free Edwin in some way without helping Cyrus.
  • They locate the wreck of the Gypsea off the coast of Madagascar and explore the wreck. From the damage they assume that the power source caused the ship to sink. They then find a map with the location of the power source.
  • They find the source in a Dead Man’s Cave but then hear footprints… Father André appears; he has been following them and takes the power source for the Chaos Veil who’s forming an allegiance with Atlantis.
  • Father André then shackles Pearl, Iris and Vincent in the cave and leaves them to drown in the rising tide. Fortunately, they find a nearby cannon and blast their way out of the cave.
  • Vincent suggests that the only way to save Edwin without having the power source as leverage is to find Shambala.

Key Clues

  • Gypsea’s Anchor (Gravity Tuner)
  • Chaos Veil Radio Relay Chart (Conference Room)
  • Treasure Map (Pirate Cove)
  • Power Source (Treasure Trove)
  • Canon (Dead Man’s Cave)

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