Chapter 15




Plot Summary

  • Cyrus shows Pearl, Vincent, Iris and Edwin around Atlantis. He take them to an Icarus exhibit and draws parallels between the fate of Icarus and Atlantis. He also shows them an aviation exhibit revealing that Atlanteans had a passion for building aircrafts.
  • Cyrus tells them that they were once able to transform gold into energy and flesh into stone. Edwin is delighted and wants to know how they learned to defy gravity. Cyrus tells him they invented a device that uses sound waves to change the vibration of objects.
  • Iris asks how Atlantis ended up at the bottom of the ocean, to which Cyrus answers was a result of having jealous enemies – The Shambalans, who attacked the city. In defense, Cyrus says they aimed the tuner weapon at the Shambalans, hoping to de-activate their weapons. But it backfired and tuned the city of Atlantis to the frequency of lead making it sink.
  • Cyrus says that the Shambalans then stole the gold that powered their devices. The Atlanteans turned themselves to stone to preserve themselves. Cyrus needs enough gold to power the device and revive the other statues.
  • They manage to get the device working... but Cyrus turns Edwin to stone. Now their fates are entwined.

Key Clues

  • Declaration of War (The Senate)
  • Tuner Weapon (Gold Reservoir)

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