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New York & Atlantis


Plot Summary

  • Edwin translates the coordinates and Pearl, Iris, Vincent and Edwin set off in The Seadragon to find Atlantis.
  • They reach an underwater cave and follow a floating staircase down to a grand entrance surrounded by statues of three-fingered beings.
  • It seems that the Atlanteans worked with sound vibrations and tonal technology. They see a statue, or ‘threshold guardian’ and use a trident they find as a tuning fork to ‘unlock’ it.
  • The statue comes to life as Cyrus, an Atlantean!

Key Clues

  • Atlantean Torch (City Gates)
  • Artwork of a Giant Squid (Stairway Cavern)
  • Atlantean Bell (Courtyard)
  • Trident/Tuning Fork (The Statue)

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