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Aboard The Seadragon, Santorini & New York


Plot Summary

  • After Marina has taught Pearl to drive the submarine, they explore the vessel and discover a weapons room. The room contains weapons from all across the world, and it dawns on Pearl that the Chaos Veil is operating on a global scale.
  • Pearl and Marina part ways in Santorini and Pearl heads back to New York. Iris is relieved to see Pearl back safely, although slightly bemused by the submarine she arrives in. They catch up and visit Dr. Howard Grayson to have Iris’ cast removed.
  • Pearl complains of her frustration at not being able to remember the coordinates to Atlantis. The doctor gives Pearl a truth serum and performs hypnotism, and she recalls them in a trance: ‘Lambda Digamma. Koppa Zeta. Meion Digamma. Lambda Delta.’

Key Clues

  • Chaos Veil Navigation Charts (Navigation Room)
  • Chaos Veil Decoder (Navigation Room)
  • Arsenal of Torpedoes (Weapon’s Room)
  • Truth Serum ( The Infirmary)
  • Photo of the unveiling of the Seadragon with Pearl’s father in it (Various)

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