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A port near Rome, Athens & The Greek Coast


Plot Summary

  • Bafflingly, Marina appears at the plane wreck. She is keen to team up with Pearl to catch Léon at the secret Chaos Veil Base she knows of.
  • They go to Marina’s plane on an abandoned airstrip, fly to Greece, and land near Athens. Pearl swears to destroy the Chaos Veil and avenge her father’s death. They find a glyph indicating a hidden chamber in the vicinity and look for it.
  • They reach the Chaos Veil Base and Pearl is in awe of Marina’s fearlessness. Marina confides in Pearl that she was once in love with Samuel.
  • Security is too tight for them to enter the base. Marina suggests that one of their submarines would be a fair trade for the Pride of Bakersfield. They manage to distract the guards for enough time to make a getaway in the Seadragon.

Key Clues

  • A Russian relic Samuel gave to Marina (Abandoned Airstrip)
  • Golden Mean glyph for ‘Hidden Chamber’ (Greek Coast)
  • Spear Weapon (Chaos Veil Base)
  • Photo of Samuel and Marina together (Various)

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