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Various locations around Tanzania


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Edwin and Dr. Meeks suspect it was Silas and Léon who captured Vincent and continue to search for him.
  • Edwin reveals that the artifact that Vincent was sent to retrieve is a Seraph - a link to an ancient civilization. The Chaos Veil captured Vincent so that he’d lead them to it.
  • They drive to the Monkey King Temple following clues left by Vincent along the way. They also find evidence of Silas, Léon and Marina in the area.
  • They come to a crashed jeep near the temple; Silas appears raging from the trees, and Marina shoots at him in order to save Pearl.
  • They find Vincent in the secret chamber of the temple and he tells them it was Léon and Silas who kidnapped him before disappearing. He also asks after Iris.
  • They find the Seraph in a secret chamber along with a photo of the object surrounded by dead bodies. It releases a poison gas when dealt with wrongly – which has lead to many being killed trying to claim it.  
  • The group comes out to see that Luc and the police have surrounded the area. Pearl is placed under arrest for the murder of Silas as it was the gun found on her plane used in the shooting. 

Key Clues

  • Atlas (The Meeks’ Home)
  • Aerial Photo of The Monkey King Temple (African Restaurant)
  • Excavation Photo (Secret Chamber)

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