Chapter 06


New York , and Tanzania, Africa


Plot Summary

  • The chapter opens in Dr. Howard Grayson’s office. The doctor says Iris has survived the shooting with just an injury to the soft tissue of her shoulder. (However, the image of the x-ray shows the bullet still in-between the bones of her forearm!)
  • Edwin tells Pearl that Vincent is in danger. They decode an assignment brief revealing that he was sent to Africa on a mission by the Golden Mean, to meet an archeologist named Dr Meeks, and retrieve ‘The Artifact’.
  • Pearl and Edwin fly to Africa, and find Vincent’s plane shot down, surrounded by evidence he was abducted. Chaos Veil initials are drawn in the sand.
  • They follow footprints to an excavation site and find crates full of ancient relics on the way to being shipped to Rome by the Chaos Veil. They then see a coded message from Vincent in charcoal letting them know that he is unharmed.
  • They reach the Olduvai Monolith and find Dr Meeks tied up and booby-trapped. Pearl removes one of the wires on the timer hoping that it was the right one to deactivate the bomb…

Key Clues

  • Assignment Brief (Doctor’s Office)
  • Crate Label (Excavation Site)
  • Photo of Monolith (The Tent)

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