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New York City


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Iris investigate the New York bank and discover that it was Kent Blaylock who handled the Wallace family account. They look into Samuel ’s recent transactions and see that he had asked Blaylock to deliver a package to Interpol in Paris .
  • They go to the Wallace Manor and bump into Pearl ’s Cousin Vincent , an archeologist, who is soon leaving on an excursion to Africa.
  • They manage to find the safe combination, and then go to the vault where they find some of the contents missing. They see that Samuel shipped a large amount of gold to Artemis Island … and that the last visitor to the vault was Silas .
  • It becomes clear that the Chaos Veil were involved in manipulating the market crash. The pieces of the torn photo prove that Samuel moved the gold to taunt Silas , but did Samuel move it for the Chaos Veil, or to act against them?
  • Silas appears with a gun and shoots at Pearl and Iris . A bullet hits Iris .

Key Clues

  • Telegram (New York Bank)
  • Tanzanian Gold (Wallace Manor)
  • Riddle (Samuel ’s Office)
  • Combination to the Safe (Grand Central)
  • Cunard Shipping Receipt (Samuel ’s Vault)
  • Revenge Photo (Various)

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