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Artemis Island


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Iris try to find Léon but he has fled the island by boat. They search his cottage and find a postcard from a Russian woman named Marina and clues suggesting he’s headed to France.
  • Before setting off, they find dynamite aboard the Pride of Bakersfield - Léon tried to kill them. Agnes gives Pearl a gun to take along for protection.
  • Before leaving, Pearl goes to see her grandfather. He tells her that he is part of an organization called The Golden Mean: A secret society that carries out scientific work in the interest of humanity. Samuel and Léon belong to an opposing group: ‘The Chaos Veil’, who work to incite anarchy all over the world.

Key Clues

  • French Postcard (Léon ’s Cottage)
  • Embroidered Pillow (Léon ’s Cottage)
  • Heart Locket (Boat Launch)
  • Dynamite (Seaplane Dock)
  • Aunt Agnes ’ Gun (Pride’s Cockpit)
  • Samuel 's Chaos Veil Ring (Wallace Mausoleum)

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