Chapter 02


Artemis Island


Plot Summary

  • Despite his sudden reappearance, Edwin refuses to reveal the reasons for faking his own death.
  • Pearl finds Samuel ’s suicide note in the kitchen addressed to Agnes … near a cup with her lipstick on the rim. Could money have been motive enough to drive Samuel ’s own sister to murder?
  • Samuel had been speaking to Silas before he died and they did a lot of business together. Is he a suspect too?
  • We meet Father André , a local priest to whom Samuel left a large amount of money in his will. Father André describes Samuel as ‘troubled’, and it seems that he knows more than he’s letting on. In the church, they find proof that Samuel was murdered: blackmail demanding he meet someone atop the cliff.
  • Pearl and Iris investigate Samuel ’s room and find a coded message. After using a decoder to decipher the message, they see it reads: “Samuel has betrayed the Chaos Veil. Kill him and discover where he has hidden the gold.”
  • Suddenly, Léon appears and snatches the evidence!

Key Clues

Other Clues

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