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Artemis Island , Polynesia


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Iris arrive on Artemis and are greeted by Léon , the groundskeeper.
  • We learn that Edwin , Pearl 's grandfather, bought and designed Artemis Island , and died in a tragic plane crash previous year. He was an architect and had a wife called Margaret who is also deceased.
  • Pearl finds her father Samuel 's will and notices that the lawyer, Silas James , now has power of attorney over her father's assets.
  • The family tells Pearl that Samuel committed suicide after losing big in the stock market crash, and threw himself from a cliff on the island. Silas says that Léon found him and that the doctor ruled out any 'foul play'.
  • Pearl doesn't believe it and investigates the cliff top. Her grandmother's ghost appears, and tells her: 'Your father was betrayed. Trust Grandpa. Don't take the gun. Find clues by my grave'.
  • They have funeral for Samuel , and Pearl is wondering who to suspect... when Edwin arrives at the funeral banquet.

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