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Edwin Wallace, Pearl’s grandfather and esteemed architect, bought Artemis Island in French Polynesia as a playground for his imagination. He built many beautiful buildings on the island and had great plans to develop it further before his tragic plane accident. After Edwin’s death, Samuel moved the entire Wallace family to Artemis Island from New York City. Only a few years later, his wife Dorothy then passed away, and Samuel sent Pearl to boarding school back in New York. When Pearl returns to the island at the beginning of the story, she meets her aunt Agnes, Thomas, Léon, Silas, Father André, and her grandfather...

Importance in the game

Artemis Island is home and the main refuge between adventures. Players can decorate the island with buildings, plants, animals, and other items.


  • Journal: Pearl records the discoveries and thoughts from her travels in the journal. All clues can be seen here.

  • Tools: “Sell” and “Move” allow you to move items on the island to your liking.

  • Inventory: All materials that you collect through playing scenes can be found here. These materials can be used in the creation of buildings .

Chapter locations